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Secrets of Dyrt


The game can now also be installed with HomeBrew (mac only)

Posted by: Tricky; Apr 5th 2017;

If you are on Mac and you wish to install the game with Homebrew you can do it now.

Please note, I am not in the official homebrew formula registry, but Homebrew does support ways to set up my own registry for that, so me happy. :)


Homebrew users please type


brew cask install phantasarproductions/casks/dyrtrpg

Working this way SHOULD also allow you to play the game immediately without being bothered by Mac's security settings. It took me a lot of trouble to set this all up, so you'd better appreciate it ;)



The Secrets of Dyrt now also available on

Posted by: Tricky; Feb 14th 2016;

The game is there free too, however if you want to donate, feel free to do so.



Posted by: Tricky; Nov 11th 2015;

Well all images above should be visible once again. It never was anything serious, but it did look a bit awkward. Well it's fixed. 

By the way, the demo of my new game Star Story is now ready for you to play while I develop the rest of the game. I hope you like it. Click here to visit its website.


Pictures gone?

Posted by: Tricky; Oct 1st 2015;

The pictures gone on the main page is seen. I will try to fix that issue as soon as I got the time.


SourceForge failures gone

Posted by: Tricky; Jul 24th 2015;

You may have noticed this site was out of the air for awhile.
This was not due to an error on my side, but on SourceForge's side.
It appears everything's fixed now though, so I guess we're all happy. cool



Posted by: Tricky; Mar 16th 2015;

The very severe bug mentioned in the previous post has been fixed. And a new version for Windows has been uploaded.

Once again, as the Mac version did not suffer from this bug no new version has been uploaded, as the new Mac version would be exactly the same as the last version, so re-uploading that would only be a a waste of Sourceforge's server space.

Thank you!


Posted by: Tricky; Mar 15th 2015;

I need to thank Darkbloodbane for bringing this one to my attention.

A very serious bug has been encountered in the WIndows version of Dyrt. I repeat the WIndows version. The Mac version does NOT have this bug.


What was going on?

The spells: "Remove Curse", "Curse", "Dispel Magic" and "Sleep" will cause the game to crash in Windows.

How could this happen?

This has nothing to do with Windows being a less stable OS compared to Mac (which is also a fact, but not the case of this issue), but my own stupidity.

Let's take you into the nerdy stuff: I've a bunch of pre-made APIs for Lua, which is called GALE. The LAURA engine, which is the core power of Dyrt, was build upon GALE. As Mac is my primary system all APIs are first developed and updated for Mac. Yeah, you see it coming, I forgot to keep the Windows versions of those APIs up to date, so the Dyrt release for Windows you have now is built upon outdated APIs. Since the game was developed on my Mac where everything is up-to-date, you now get why the Mac version doesn't suffer here.


So basically all I need to do is synchronize the Windows versions of the APIs with the Mac versions (all uses the same source code, so that's easy) and compile the entire game again and the problem should be solved.

Now due to the fact that a) Windows runs on my mac in a VM so it works awfully slow and b) since Dyrt is very large, preparing and uploading a new version will be a time consuming operation. 

Once again, the Mac version did not suffer from this, so that version will not be updated. Mac users can just download the game as it currently is.

My sincerest apologies for this act of ultimate stupidity.


Release 15.03.04

Posted by: Tricky; Mar 4th 2015;

Version 15.03.04 beta is being uploaded as we speak. If your preferred download is not yet present, it will appear soon. The ISO file is not yet present. It will most likely be uploaded later.


See ya!


What next

Posted by: Tricky; Feb 28th 2015;

It's been some time since Dyrt was released. This full release was officially still a beta and some bugs were reported to me. I must thank most of all Darkbloodbane (from gamejolt) for bringing them up to me.

The next bugs and/or enhancement needs were reported:

  1.  During dialogue after defeating Jeracko, Rebecca's name is not replaced by my custom name for her - This one is already fixed in my Dev version, not yet uploaded though.
  2. Stonemaster Wendy is broken. I think I know why this is and I will admit that I never fully tested Wendy which is my bad. The other stonemaster appear to work as they should
  3. Enhancement need: Show portrait when filling in the name for a character. (Sorry that I forgot about this one. Forgive me please).
  4. Enhancement need; Show portrait before name is given. This one is not yet promised as this is a hard one due to some mistakes I made on the road. Not impossible as far as it would seem now, but still a hard road.
  5. Camera is a bit buggy when you are teleported around through a dungeon or when you enter. This really needs fixing. When you turn the smooth scroll feature off this bug won't pop up.
  6. Enhancement requested: An ingame list showing at what skills you learn new spells/special moves. I won't promise this one, but I will investigate the possibilities.
  7. Picture error: Merya's bounderies in her picture are not right and so she stands higher than the others in the savegame menu
  8. During Rebecca's Battle cry, the sword sometimes stops before completely passed through screen - This one never happened to me, so before I look for a fix I want to know if other people see this one happen as well.
  9. Game crashed when Scyndi tries to cast Cure Silence - This one never happened to me. Do other people suffer from this as well?
  10. Brendor's stats need to be relooked. He still seems a bit off-balance.
  11. Eric's spell for the green dragon may need lower requirements
  12. After the gagolton disaster the "slutty merchant" in double gets her stock replaced. I may consider to place an extra merchant with the new stock in stead.
  13. Merya's scan move's rogue level check is so buggy that I decided to remove it in the next update, meaning that Merya will detect everything regardless of her rogue level after this fix.
  14. The Halls of Music appear to be accessible outside the New Game+ which was not supposed to happen

I can not yet promise any ETA for all this to be fixed as I am also on another game project and I have some work correcting an English translation for one of my novels. My new project is coming close to a point that I can "relax" a bit and get onto bugfixing Dyrt and that transaltion correction is nearly done as well, and after that I'll get onto bugfixing in Dyrt.

If anybody finds any bugs or needs for enhancements in the meantime, don't hesitate to ask me as now is the time to report anything wrong as then I can take it with me before the next upload of all stuff (as preparing a new release and uploading everything is quite a hassle for a game this big, so I want as much right as I can) ;)


Complete Walkthrough has been released

Posted by: Tricky; Feb 5th 2015;

Well, it's there at last, the full walkthrough for Dyrt. If it needs any fixes or supplements let me know.

If you think you can write a better walkthrough than I can, go ahead, I won't stop ya. Please link me to it when you made it online. I'm even willing to host it here when the walkthrough is good enough. ;)

Well and with that the Dyrt project has officially ended. If there are any bugs to fix, lemme know and I will fix them. 

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