Meet the heroes of Dyrt

Eric Sylvertin

Eric is a young man living in the town of Xenor. He's in training to become a warrior, but he can't stand the fact that his sister Rebecca appears to be better than him in almost everything. Because of this he suffers from an inferiority complex, much to the displeasure of Irravonia.
The time will soon come however that Eric will discover his full potential and there's more to him than he could even imagine himself.

Irravonia, daughter of Tephondar

Irravonia is a young Fairy girl suffering from Agon's disease. Could she normally become about 700 or 800 years old, now she'll age as quickly as humans and that's why she chose to live in a human community where she was raised by Eric's and Rebecca's parents.
Irravonia is the proud owner of an attitude problem and she loves nothing more but to pick on people, most of all Seelah Gandra who gets furious about that easily. Truth is that deep down, Irravonia is a very sweet golden hearted girl, though she has a strange way of expressing that.
Irravonia is deeply in love with Eric, though she'd rather die than to admit that. Everyone wonders how much more time she'll need to openly express her feelings.


A strong lad, born to a human father and dwarfish mother. Brendor wanders the world and makes a living by helping everybody in need.
He's has a gentle nature and he seems to have a natural gift to calm down upset girls. Brendor is in general a guy who remains calm in most situations no matter how dire.
He decided to follow Eric and Rebecca in their quest, as there's something about them that triggered his personal interest, but he's rather secretive about what that could be.

Seelah Gandra

The Elves live by strict rules they call "The Harmony". Seelah Gandra always refuted these rules as she believes these rules make her unable to be herself. Because of that she's scorned by the entire Elfish community despite her pure hearted nature and the fact she always helps those in need even if that endangers her own life.
This misunderstanding leads to Seelah Gandra becoming a very grumpy girl, getting mad at the tiniest things and especially Irravonia is target to her anger lots of times.
Hopefully the situation will allow Seelah Gandra to soften up a bit. She's not as uncaring as she tries the world to believe.

Rebecca Sylvertin

Eric's twin sister, though only a few minutes older than her brother, she really acts like a big sister scolding her "little brother" at every opportunity she gets to do so. Truth is that she does love her brother, but she doesn't know how to express it properly causing a very bad brother-sister relation as a result.
Rebecca is a very straight forward girl, always speaking her mind and tries to think rationally in all situations, making her appear like a cold woman. Maybe she should be forgiven as it's not easy being a female warrior in a community where people don't believe in equal rights between man and women.

Dernor Woodlock

A calm young lad who takes Seelah Gandra under his wing, hoping to reveal her true self to the world. Dernor is also the leader of the Drop-Outs. An Elfish tribe containing Elves who just like Seelah Gandra refuted the Harmony, and he desperately hopes Seelah Gandra will join the tribe (yes, yes, he is in love with her, that was obvious, wasn't it?).

Merya the Magpie

A very cheerful girl, with a bit of a certain obsession, cracking jokes into that direction all the time without addressing the actual subject directly. Despite all that, Merya appears to be a very clever girl and she's a very skilled sneaker. She can also steal stuff from her enemies.

AziŽlla, daughter of the house of Gandron

Don't be fooled by her extremely overexcited and cheerful facade. AziŽlla is a commander in the Elite Forces of the King, and she's the youngest person in the history of her people to obtain such a prestigious rank. AziŽlla is a very rational thinking person, and truly devoted to her duties as a soldier, her countries and her king. She's not afraid to die for the greater good (don't worry, she won't have to during the events of this game) and she's also pretty bright. She's also know as the most skilled crossbow-shooter of the country and she seldomly misses her target.
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