The Secrets of Dyrt

The Secrets of Dyrt is a free RPG game based on the Phantasar Chronicles. It's a series of novels (written by Jeroen Broks, who you know on this site as "Tricky") which all tell a story about an era of the forgotten world Phantasar.

This story takes place approx 20,000 years after several populations began to count the years. It tells the story of Eric who thinks he's nothing because his twin sister Rebecca is better in almost everything. In order to prove himself he foolishly takes on a mission as a warrior, while he's not authorized to do so. With that he gets himself, his sister Rebecca and good friend Irravonia into an adventure. Eric will have to befriend Brendor, Seelah Gandra, Dernor, Merya and Aziella in order to find out what some strange guys from 'The Order of Onyx' want from him. Many mysteries are about to unfold in this epic story.

The game has been made in an old school style in order to bring the old NES/SNES feelings back. At the same time the game offers some new twists in order to make the game unique experience. It runs on both Mac as Windows, and can be downloaded free of charge and under certain terms it be distributed freely (see terms of use).

The original (Dutch) website about the Phantasar chronicles can be found here

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