Posted by: Tricky; Mar 15th 2015;

I need to thank Darkbloodbane for bringing this one to my attention.

A very serious bug has been encountered in the WIndows version of Dyrt. I repeat the WIndows version. The Mac version does NOT have this bug.


What was going on?

The spells: "Remove Curse", "Curse", "Dispel Magic" and "Sleep" will cause the game to crash in Windows.

How could this happen?

This has nothing to do with Windows being a less stable OS compared to Mac (which is also a fact, but not the case of this issue), but my own stupidity.

Let's take you into the nerdy stuff: I've a bunch of pre-made APIs for Lua, which is called GALE. The LAURA engine, which is the core power of Dyrt, was build upon GALE. As Mac is my primary system all APIs are first developed and updated for Mac. Yeah, you see it coming, I forgot to keep the Windows versions of those APIs up to date, so the Dyrt release for Windows you have now is built upon outdated APIs. Since the game was developed on my Mac where everything is up-to-date, you now get why the Mac version doesn't suffer here.


So basically all I need to do is synchronize the Windows versions of the APIs with the Mac versions (all uses the same source code, so that's easy) and compile the entire game again and the problem should be solved.

Now due to the fact that a) Windows runs on my mac in a VM so it works awfully slow and b) since Dyrt is very large, preparing and uploading a new version will be a time consuming operation. 

Once again, the Mac version did not suffer from this, so that version will not be updated. Mac users can just download the game as it currently is.

My sincerest apologies for this act of ultimate stupidity.

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